Massive Stone

  • Brand: Coem (Italy)
  • Colours: Ash, Desert, Ground, Moon
  • Size: 60x90, 60x90x2, Modulo, 30x90, 40x60
  • Variation: V4 - Substantial Variation
  • Material: Porcelain

Massive Stone by Coem is based on traditional dry construction stone-working techniques and the ability to cut and sculpt blocks of solid stone. The porcelain stoneware is composed of 4 colours with natural and outdoor finishes, 3 formats, plus a modular, to infuse timeless charm to any indoor and outdoor space.

Ideal for interior and exterior residential and commercial spaces, Massive Stone is also available in the higher thickness of 2 cm in the 60x90cm format.

Modular contains: 40.8×61.4cm (1pc), 40.8×40.8cm (2pc), 20.3×40.8cm (1pc), 20.3×20.3cm (2 pc).

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