• Brand: Etruria
  • Colours: Biscuit, Brick, Cobalt, Dove Grey, Mud, Ocher, Olive, Pearl, Pink, Sage, Super White, Tobacco, Black, Grey, Ivory, Moro, White
  • Size: Approx. 30x30cm depending on format selected.
  • Variation: V1 - Uniform Appearance
  • Material: Full-Body Coloured Porcelain

For the first time on the international market, high-performance, mass-colored porcelain stoneware becomes small, not through a cutting process but through a pressing process that enhances the precision of the finish.

ETRURIA design continues its historical counter-current path giving centrality and value to the small format. 17 colours, 10 format options, 3 special pieces, ensuring the options are limitless.

The XXS collection known for its great design, combined with high technical performance.

Made to order. Each piece is pressed and mesh mounted.

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