• Brand: Marca Corona (Italy)
  • Colours: Anthracite, Greige, Grey, Ivory, Silver
  • Size: 60x60
  • Variation: V3 - Moderate to Considerable Variation


Behind the Arkistone collection is the desire to lend a touch of exclusive elegance to stone, the intense and authentic material par excellence.

These porcelain stoneware floors and walls rely on a refined palette, composed of 5 neutral and elegant colours, from the suave Ivory to the bolder appeal of Dark. To fulfil the most modern and diverse design requirements, Arkistone is available with 2 finishes, the matt and the structured, and 5 sizes, amongst which the 120×240 cm slabs. The extra large surfaces, with their distinct aesthetic impact, truly strengthen the expressive potential of this unique stone.

The versatility of this series, designed for interiors and exteriors of private residences, commercial spaces and hospitality areas, is completed by a painstaking study on decorations that aim and emphasising the modern and exclusive look of Arkistone and at extending its possibilities of use also to walls. As far as the 30×60 size is concerned, the classic mosaic with 5×5 cm pieces is combined with an incredibly contemporary chevron pattern: the delicate herringbone texture is composed of soft reliefs and alternating geometric patterns that can transform floors and walls into original and sophisticated elements for design.

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