CPR – Wind Uplift Concealed Paver Retainer


VJ CP-Retainer (CPR) is a patented concealed accessory that interlocks adjacent pavers installed on VersiJack® pedestals. CPR increases wind uplift resistance on exposed balconies and terraces in high-rise buildings and allows for the removal and re-installation of pavers for maintenance purposes.

Paver corners adhere to the corner plates of CPR and are fastened on the VersiJack® pedestal. This setup interlocks the pavers together and increases the effective weight of each paver by utilising a portion of the weight from adjacent pavers, increasing the force required to uplift the pavers.

CPR not only meets the key requirements for maintenance access for raised floor systems by allowing easy removal and re-installation of pavers, it is also time-cost efficient as pavers do not need to be modified to be compatible with the CPR.

*VJ CP Retainer is designed to be used together with VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals.

Features and Benefits

  • CPR offers three different Corner Plate configurations, allowing for standard and staggered paver layouts and the installation of pavers along the perimeter.
  • CPR is easily removable to access the waterproof membrane or service lines (if required).
  • After inspection, pavers can be re-installed onto CPR without the need for specialised tools.
  • Pavers do not require any modification. CPR will cater for all pavers.

Adhesive type as approved by Elmich – Weicon Flex 310M Classic MS-Polymer.

Download CPR – Concealed Paver Retainer Brochure


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