EPR – Wind Uplift Exposed Paver Retainer

VersiJack® EPR system increases wind uplift resistance for roof pavers on pedestals.

VersiJack® Exposed Paver Retainer (EPR) system is designed to provide a high wind uplift resistance for elevated roof pavers. It comprises a Retainer fastened with a M4 or #8 stainless steel screw and a 20 mm diameter stainless steel washer to a proprietary Locking Spacer Tab attached to an Elmich pedestal. The overall diameter of the Retainer is 40 mm and, upon installation, the height above the surface of the pavers is 6 mm. Ribs on the underside of the Retainer separate the pavers at 4 mm apart. The hinged Retainer is designed to close tightly; and requires a small screwdriver or similar flat tool to pry it open. The Retainer is injection moulded from engineered plastics and can be colour matched or contrasted with the pavers.

The VersiJack® EPR system is designed to increase but under no circumstances guarantee absolute wind uplift resistance. The specifier and/ or user should take into consideration other variables of site conditions that may determine the effectiveness of the system.

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