Miniature Soda

  • Brand: Marca Corona (Italy)
  • Colours: Azzurro Artico, Bianco Sale, Blu Galassia, Grigio Luna, Nero Magma, Rosa Corallo, Verde Malva, Verde Perla
  • Size: 6x24
  • Variation: V3 - Moderate to Considerable Variation
  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

Miniature Soda collection reinterprets chromatic details, dances of reflections and elegant transparencies of Italian blown glass.

The polished surface of Miniature Soda brings glass moulded with mastery of craftsmanship to life. The material reproduces the gradual transition from one colour tone to the next, enhancing the marked chromatic depth.

The glossy material with a high decorative impact accommodates a delicate textural movement animated by differences in details and slight irregularities that affect the surface finish. The small sizes accommodate colour variations that make up a soft and variegated colour palette. Each piece in the collection looks different from another.

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