• Brand: Marca Corona (Italy)
  • Colours: Calacatta Oro Fino, Calacatta Vena Antica, Dark Diamond, Foam Grey, River Grey, Statuario Vena Argento
  • Size: 120x120, 120x278, 25x21.6 Hexagon, 30x60, 80x80, 60x120, 60x60, 6x24, 7.5x45 Chevron
  • Variation: V3 - Moderate to Considerable Variation
  • Material: Fine Full-Body Coloured Porcelain

The Scultorea range draws inspiration from precious stones and marbles, with unmistakable sheens and veins. A great natural richness and variety is reflected in the collection, starting with research into the white marble of Carrara and the Apuan Alps. A complete collection, with a multiplicity of elements that fit together to create infinite patterns and original designs.

The porcelain stoneware is composed of 6 elegant shades, and multiple formats, including Slabs, Hexagons, Chevrons and mosaics.

Scultorea is available in 3 finishes, Velvet, Matt, and Full-Polished.

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