Support Panel for Landscape Finishes.

VersiScape™ is engineered to provide a raised substructure with the strength and stability to create a customisable and safe landscape.

The system constructs a leveled surface that accommodates virtually any landscape finish, from pavers to ceramic tiles of varying size, and minimum thickness of 20mm. Freedom to design does not stop there as it can support artificial turf, gravel-fill, or any other artificial landscape without exceeding raised floor deflection limits.

In the event of accidental tile breakage, the system is able to withstand the weight of broken shards and human loads. This prevents injury to pedestrians and simplifies the maintenance of the broken finishes.

*VersiScape™ is designed to be used together with VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals.

Features and Benefits

  • Height adjustable for different raised floor requirements
  • Accommodates multiple configurations with different landscape finishes
  • Maintains structural integrity to support loads safely if tiles break
  • Quick and simple installation and maintenance
  • Efficient drainage
  • Chemical resistance


VersiScape™ supports landscape finishes including pavers and tiles, artificial turf and gravel-fill on:

  • Roof terraces
  • Pedestrians walkways
  • Roof gardens
  • Plaza decks
  • Balconies
  • Pool surrounds
  • Reflective pools
  • Podium landscapes
  • Under water features
  • Raised technical floors
  • Under Solar panels
  • Temporary floors or Exhibition stands

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