Art Deco

  • Brand: Etruria
  • Colours: Asparagus, Burgundy, Caramel (Craquele), China Blue, Dark, Deep Chestnut, Emerald Green (Craquele), Kaki, Light Blue, Light Pink, Moss Green, Red, Silver Grey, Slate Grey, Beige, White
  • Size: 12.5x25cm
  • Variation: V1 - Uniform Appearance
  • Material: Double-Fired Ceramic

The colours mix with the three-dimensionality of the material creating an explosion of Art Deco decorative sensations
where every single element contributes to infinite possible solutions, perfectly complemented by the special pieces, (consisting of frames, coves, bullnoses, and skirtings).

16 colours, 5 format options, more than 60 special pieces, ensuring the options are limitless.

The 5 formats consist of 1 Plain Flat Coating, and 4 Vector Frame Coatings. Indent only.

Download the Art Deco Catalogue

Download the Art Deco Special Pieces Catalogue


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